meet the team



As a biologist with a Masters degree in Education, an experienced sailor and a NAUI Divemaster, Bridget is a passionate educator and has led the way for field studies programmes in South East Asia for the last 20 years. When she moved to Southeast Asia in 1991 she saw a wonderfully diverse yet fragile landscape waiting to be explored. Ecofieldtrips was born in 1997 in response to the need to educate future generations; to take students out of the classroom and into the invaluable ecosystems of Malaysia and Singapore.

HELEN NEWMAN B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc.


Helen was integral to the set up and functioning of Ecofieldtrips with her close friend and our Managing Director Bridget Hedderman. Throughout her awe-inspiring career she set up her own environmental consultancy Newman Biomarine, consulted for Conservation International and co-founded the UK charity, Sea Sanctuaries Trust (SST). SST aims to protect the marine environment through stewardship from local stakeholders and in 2011 helped set up a Marine Conservation Area in Raja Ampat. Sadly, Helen passed away in April of 2014 but EFT will continue to work with and support SST and ensure Helen’s legacy will live on.



Bob joined Ecofieldtrips in 2016 after a career in corporate finance and business. He brings a wealth of knowledge for business management and growth as Ecofieldtrips moves into a new era. Bob has 20 years experience working in the outdoors with youths, most notably taking an active role with Surf Life Saving Australia. His extensive overseas travel working in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia puts him in a fantastic position to develop new venues as EFT continues to grow and develop. In his free-time Bob embraces the outdoors life and enjoys skiing and scuba diving with his family.



Sek Chuan Chua rejoined our field crew in 2017 after several years hiatus where he served to bring awareness of Singapore’s marine science lab on St. John’s Island. As a Singapore native, Sek Chuan brings a wealth of knowledge about all organisms in the region. Sek Chuan is a very devoted biologist with a love for all plants and animals on the land and in the sea (although he has a special soft spot for binturong) and in his free time you may find him volunteering with SeaKeepers International, narrowly escaping stonefish, or enjoying a nice yogurt and coffee in a park after a long morning cycle.



As a former swimming instructor and surf life saver, Sue has a strong background working with young people in a range of settings. She has extensive experience with special needs students having been involved with hydrotherapy and riding for the disabled. With an enthusiasm for nature, health and nutrition, Sue spends most of her time outdoors and has recently completed her yoga teacher training!



Nga is originally from Nha Trang, Vietnam- growing up right on the coast and surrounded by mountains provided Nga with lots of opportunity to trek, dive and explore local wildlife. As a fully qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher and dive master, she has spent 3 years instructing in both Vietnam and Nepal. In her free time Nga likes to explore, last year she accomplished trekking to the basecamp of Mt Annapura!

Hugo Allan BSc MSc

Lead Field Staff

After completing his MSc in Global Biodiversity Conservation from the university of Sussex; Hugo found his second home in Singapore’s tropical environment. He is now bringing his experience teaching environmental education from the shores of Brighton to the many ecosystems of Southeast Asia. Hugo is also a keen nature photographer who has been published in the Guardian for his work photographing kingfishers.

Keren Worlock BSC (Hons), PGCE

Operations Manager

Keren is an energetic, nature-loving teacher at heart. Having qualified as a Marine Ecologist, she chose to become a teacher to enrich young minds and share her love for the natural planet. In her free time, you will find her running through the rainforests of Indonesia or surfing, diving and swimming out in the ocean.

Kristine Smits

Field Staff

Kristine is a Nature-Loving person who identifies herself with the Junior Wilderness Explorer, Russell, from the Disney movie, UP.  “I am friends with all in nature!”. With a background as a Scuba Diving Instructor, she especially has a great fondness for the beach and ocean life. She is used to teaching and loves to see young people grow with new challenges. In her spare time you will most likely find her near the sea doing beach clean ups and other volunteer work with Indonesia Biru Foundation. After a good day of work she enjoys to explore the local restaurants and food stalls near her house in Lombok.

Dzaim Dzulkifli B.Sc

Field Staff

Living in cities all his life, Dzaim started exploring the natural world from a young age, developing the interest with diving, snorkeling and hiking through the forest. After studying Marine Biology, Dzaim moved back to his home country to try and apply the skills and knowledge he learned in a local setting. Always happy to educate and share his knowledge, there’s something on land and in the water for everyone to enjoy.


Field Staff

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree of Communication Science, focused in Journalism, Nisa has a strong background working in International Non-Profit Organizations highlighting ocean issues in Indonesia. Nisa’s passion for marine sustainability has resulted in her leading various movements with Advocates regarding the protection of the Environment. 

In her spare time, Nisa loves any water sports and finding the best coffee spots in Indonesia.

Andre Saputra BSc MSc

Field Staff

Having geology and marine science as his formal education background, Andre has been exposed to fieldwork since 2010. From geological mapping in a volcano to coral reef health assessments, these are some of Andres daily activities. His exposure to NGOs and governmental agencies bring extra colors to conversation within Ecofieldtrips team. Underwater photography is Andres hobby together with a casual walk through Indonesian fish markets. He also has a mission to bring conservation discussion in the general public hence he decided to share the information through EFT program!

Ellie Stokes; BA and BSc Zoo


Ellie loves all that nature provides and has done so ever since she was a wee one. During her schooling years, Ellie trekked across mountains of Taiwan and explored the urban jungle of Singapore. She recently returned to her country of origin, New Zealand, and completed a double bachelors in Anthropology and BSc in Zoology. Ellie is excited to be back in Asia, to share her love for the environment and animals, with a more enhanced understanding.

Kamalia Rizqi Awalina, B.Com.

Field Staff

Kamalia who is often called Kem grew up in a scout family in Semarang, Indonesia, and has loved outdoor activities since childhood. She was active in Gadjah Mada Diving Society, became the General Leader of Scuba Holic Magazine, and founded the Women Divers Community in Indonesia called Srikandi Diver. As a Divemaster, her love for the sea and her desire to invite children to love the ocean led her to win the Indonesian Maritime Youth Competition by creating a song for children entitled Senandung Laut. Communication is her specialty, strengthening in the field of Experiential Learning which she has been involved since 2016.

Ellie Tinsley BSc MSc


With a Masters in tropical diseases, Ellie has undertaken fieldwork in various locations including Malaysia, Bali and Europe. 

In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving and mountain hiking.