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Hi Everyone!

We are The Crimson Explorers. We organise trips that open peoples’ eyes to the wonder of nature around us. The Crimson Explorers provide experiences that go beyond a simple walk in the outdoors.  

Since the lockdown, Singaporeans have been spending more time exploring the outdoors within our homeland. But when we first explore by ourselves, many people may not know where, or how, or miss out because we don’t recognise the things around us. The Crimson Explorers have naturalists that are equipped with specialised knowledge and a great eye for spotting wildlife to lead our tours.

Our tours allow people to explore with a greater depth of understanding and really see our diversity right here with us.


The Crimson Explorers is a new division of Ecofieldtrips providing tours direct to individuals.  We aim to promote greater understanding of the environment around us, and connect people to places.  

Living in a highly urban environment, we get little exposure to the natural world. Our Crimson Explorations are based on the concepts of Search, Discover and Share. Our guests learn how to Search as an active participant,  Discover and locate different plants and animals, and Share with the others the new things that they see and find.  The Excitement and Joy of discovery for our local areas and spaces is what drives us. 


Slimy &


The Low Tide through a Naturalist’s Eyes

Have you ever looked curiously into tide pools and wondered about the strange creatures that are now exposed in those puddles of water? Many wonderful creatures only become visible to us, when the water recedes and we’re able to see them more closely and clearly. If you’ve ever wondered what you are looking at and wanted to know more, join us!


Critters &


The Rainforest through a Naturalist’s Eyes

If you’ve ever been to a park and only seen “just grass and some trees”, we want to share with you the wonder of everything that is there, how to look for and find those rare animals. Join us on a walking adventure through some of our forests within our city to have some fun, and learn the skills to spot the animals around us.

Alternatively, join us on a night exploration through the rainforest and learn to spot the nocturnal animals around us!

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The Mangrove through a Naturalist’s Eyes

Mangroves are specialised areas and have distinct traits that make them unique. Superficially, mangroves are scrubby and muddy and also look like they’re dirty and full of trash but these are actually specialised areas that are really really tough to live in. Come with us on a short journey to see the animals and plants that call the mangroves home. 


We do customised tours for Groups, and Corporate / Team building events as requested.



Email us at crimsonexplorers@ecofieldtrips.com or fill in the ‘contact us’ form to book your exploration!



With the Singapore Straits as her playground, Addy was brought up to be compassionate about the marine animals that surrounded her.  She graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, with a degree in marine science. During the course of her studies, she participated in various research projects in the Great Barrier Reef.

Her passion for marine conservation work led her to volunteer in Cambodia with Marine Conservation Cambodia. In Singapore, she is also currently working with a local NGO in marine conservation work. Working in the environmental educational sector, she strives to inspire the next generation of scientists and future decision makers to love and protect the environment. Addy is a certified PADI divemaster and has led several expeditions in the region.  With a strong affinity for the ocean, she is also currently undergoing training for her free-diving certification.



As a child, Theresa has always enjoyed visiting zoos and aquariums, and watching Animal Planet – but never had she imagined that she’ll find her passion in ecology. For her dream to be a forensic scientist, she stepped out of her comfort zone from studying Physics to majoring in Biology. This was when she found her love for the environment and continued her education in environmental biology. After graduation, she obtained her diving certificate and an opportunity to volunteer on Apo Island, in the Philippines with LAMAVE researching on sea turtles population.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, she has started birdwatching as a hobby and is now an avid birder that loves to search for the latest birds in town! With her passion in the marine ecosystem and birds, she is looking forward to influence the future generation about the nature.



Simei is a global traveller and lifetime learner. Learning and experiencing new things and sharing those experiences delights her. With an undergraduate degree in molecular biology and biotechnology, an Open Water SCUBA Instructor, to a Masters in Hospitality Management, education and learning has been a core of how she experiences the world.

Simei returns to Ecofieldtrips after exploring all seven continents. Many years ago, Simei joined Bridget bringing students to Tioman Island teaching them diving. In recent years she has worked in the cruise industry, and was fortunate enough to sail the seven seas and take in many of the wonders of the world. At the same time she learned how to create experiences for others and showcase places. It is wonderful that her previous knowledge and skills will come together to drive product and business development at Ecofieldtrips and allow her to show her home through a different filter.


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